Ludovic Nkoth

Ludovic Nkoth

November 16
-December 20, 2019

Ludovic Nkoth’s work is heavily informed by the events in his life which led him to move, as a young boy of 13 years old, from his native Cameroon to the United States. Leaving his birth-family and siblings, the young man found solace and comfort in the creative process while being raised primarily as a stranger in a strange land.  For Ludovic, who learned to speak English as a teenager in a world completely alien to him, still – at times – finds himself displaced in his adopted country. In the states, he is viewed as an African, but in Africa, he is viewed American

Ludovic Nkoth (b. 1994 Cameroon, West Africa) lives and works in New York. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2014 and is currently completing his MFA at Hunter College, New York City.

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