Godwin Champs Namuyimba

, b. 1989

Godwin Champs Namuyimba, born and based in Kampala, Uganda is a unique voice within the African diaspora of contemporary painters. His pictorial investigations utilise what in psychology is commonly known as a “third form of intelligence”, namely that of intuition. Namuyimba incorporates the subjects that come to him on a daily basis, many times to impose themselves with familiarity and to disrupt his flow of concentration that leads to sharper content. These are family members, neighbours, nosy landladies, fixers, salesmen, friends and hard struck friends-of-friends wanting to borrow money and anything in-between. His paintings reflect this flow of humanity that comes in and out of the pictorial plane. Sometimes his subjects dwell for long enough to obtain clarity, but other times they wander about, seemingly aimlessly, or on their way to somewhere else. There are brief moments of comedy but also grief, sometimes both these emotions coexist in the same picture. The subjects in these paintings are living precariously, even in their most solemn moments. The ground beneath their feet never as solid as one would think, or hope.

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June 28
- July 24, 2021

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